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Ways to Give

Further information about: donations, providing corporate support, finding out more about what we do.

If you're ready to donate, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page - and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


Donations from generous individuals and organisations are what keep us alive.   Leaving even the smallest of donations makes a huge difference to our work.  Here is how we use the donations: 

Supporting Families

A lot of our work focuses on supporting families where one or more people have HIV and have been marginalised by society. 

Supporting Children

Many children are orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS. Our efforts are based on finding and training suitable families for these orphans. 



Perhaps the greatest fight against HIV and AIDS is educating people most at risk such as those in poor families, remote regions and villages with no schools.

Advcacy for policy change

We face many barriers in our efforts to support those in need. Rigid and discriminatory policies are rife throughout Africa.  We aim to make positive change, starting at home in Uganda!

More information about specific projects we are working on


Corporate Support

In order to make more impact in Uganda by representing HIV sufferers and their families we are seeking support from non-African organisations.  Domestically, there are many barriers to obtaining enough finance to truly change the lives of our desperate people.  

Become a Sponsor

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